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Aero Agri - about us

Aero Agri is a dynamically developing company that is doing well on the Polish and foreign markets. For several years we have been an independent entity that has built a strong position on both domestic and foreign markets. Our products are sold on several continents; we cooperate with, among others, Belarus, Turkey, Sweden, New Zealand, Ireland, Iceland and Egypt. Elite Agri Wrap film is our flagship product that is recognized both in the country and around the world. After tests in 2017, we can also proudly boast with our Agri Net, which proved to be perfect on the Polish market. In 2018, we introduced the innovative Agri Wrap film to our range.

In the production of all our films and nets, we use only the best, premium quality raw materials. Searching for the latest technological solutions available on the market, we constantly improve our products. The most important idea that guides our business is the highest possible quality; it is thanks to it that our Customers stay with us for years.

Reacting to emerging innovative technological solutions, we are able to maintain very high quality, guaranteeing a satisfactory price. Keeping a high standard of our products, we can provide a warranty on the entire range without hesitation.

What makes us different

The highest quality of our products

Satisfactory prices

Quick response to the needs of our Customers

Following the latest technological solutions

Elite Agri Wrap

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